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My mom's suitcase sits on my floor, screaming "UNPACK MEEEEE!!!!!!!" It's been over a week since I came back from New York, and I still haven't unpacked half my stuff. And my mom needs the suitcase, since she and my sister are going to Vermont on Sunday. Well, this morning the suitcase got mad at me and attacked my toe. I didn't just stub my toe, the suitcase jumped up and bit it. Really! Anyway, it isn't broken, but it really really hurt, and it's in kind of icky shape. It's really hard to put band-aids on the tip of your pinky toe, especially when the thing is really tiny and likes to cling to the next-smallest toe. So it's kinda hard to walk now. Oh well.

And now, some Confluence stuff. No, it's not another opera, sorry. So, I have a room reserved, and Megan, Cassie, Kass, and Slade are staying with me. You guys don't need to worry, you're guaranteed either bed space or floor space (we'll see how much we can squish). So the room cost will be about $32 per person (total, not per night), but you don't have to pay me until later, preferably before Confluence is over (cash or check is fine). We'll get 2 room keys, I get one and someone else can get the other (we'll discuss this later). I'm going to try and remember to bring a cooler and a decent amount of food to share. I guess we'll all meet up at the hotel sometime next Friday, I don't know when I'll arrive to check in but I'll keep everyone posted. And Kass, if you need a ride, I can provide that too. That's all I can think of right now.

And now I go do stuff.

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