Ade (agentfroot) wrote,


*cough* there, i got that out of my system. sorry. it's just an amusing word.

weeeeooooo it's HOT in here (but i'm keeping my clothing ON even though i live alone...). it's also 12:24 AM and i STILL haven't written my brit. lit. paper about religious controversy in the elizabethan age. but then, it's only 2 pages and i have 10 1/2 hours to do it. i managed to finish my psychology assignment, analyzing gender portrayals in magazine ads. of course, the only magazine i currently subscribe to is "realms of fantasy," and i don't have any of those up here with me. so i looked at the magazines in the campus bookstore, but the ones that somewhat appealed to me didn't have many advertisements, and there was no way i was going to spend my own money on the evils of a cosmo mag and be seen BUYING one of the hideous things for the sake of an assignment. so i bought a "weekly world news" because they had a bunch of freaks on the cover (since alpha i've been into silly tabloids because they're great for ideas and laughs). i used an ad from that (a study-at-home program thingy featuring a woman), and i found the other 3 ads i needed on the internet (weeee i get to criticize beauty ideals and portrayals of scantily-clad people!).

anywho, why am i typing in here when i should be working on the damn paper so i can get to bed and not be too cranky tomorrow morning? i dunno. tomorrow will be fairly busy too. MORE things due on tuesday, along with other activities. maybe tomorrow i'll have to wean myself from playing neoquest (must... defeat... jahbal... damn the addictiveness or modern RPGs! it's YOUR fault i'm not getting As!). heeee i love my posters. tori amos is a GODDESS! i need to bring more of my posters up next time i go home. like my rocky horror one (YEAH!). i wanna bring my beloved mannequin up too (imagine the stares as i tote a 6-foot barbie doll up to the 4th floor...). i miss my mannequin! my parents would probably give me a hard time about it (they don't like my mannequin, i know they don't!), but she's MINE, i paid over $200 for her that night when i went insane on ebay, and i'm sure she'll be of use! i can use her for an art project or a fencing opponent! she can sleep in the empty bed! i can put her out in the hallway and freak out all the sorority girls! i can disassemble her and carry her leg around with me to scare people with! i can keep a hand in my backpack and open it real wiiiiiide for people around me to see in class! gosh i'm insane.

maybe i should recycle all those plastic bottles accumulating on the shelf. maybe i should shut up and do my homework. maybe it would be cooler if i changed into lighter pajamas. maybe i should do my laundry on tuesday since i have lots of stuff to do tomorrow. gaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh 4 flights of stairs and laundry don't mix. hmmm, i should get some huge football player dude to carry my heavy stuff for me. i can call him "rufus!" rufus! do my laundry! rufus! take my computer to murray and make them fix it! rufus! get the damn top bunk off because the elf face underneath is scaring me and i keep injuring myself on it! rufus! get that thing that's too high for me to reach! rufus! go buy me more ramen noodles and orange gatorade!

eh. goodnight.

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