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I had a really interesting dream last night. I forget where it began or ended, but it had some pretty funny elements. In one part, I think Megan and I were on this quest to find these little guitar pick-shaped pieces of something that would lead us to treasure. So these pieces were buried in weird locations, like the vines of a pumpkin plant, and we were basically running around this circular indoor/outdoor building. And apparently people were after us too, and I was trying to run away from this guy (I think he was someone I knew), but he was just walking beside me and grinning (yeah, I was running as fast as he was walking, because I'm pathetically slow). And Megan was finding all the stuff, not me. Finally, she was kneeling outside a bathroom stall, because apparently this was where the treasure was buried. So I guess we just started digging. Suddenly, this stall door labeled "George" started shaking by itself, and I thought I could hear the terrified voices of girls inside. So I told Megan we should get out of there, and I ran out. In the next part of the dream, I think it involved an airport, and this girl had hidden a "ninja knife" in a tampon box, but she gave it to her husband safely or something. Then I guess I was walking around a mall with a bunch of people late at night, even though all the stores were closed. Finally, I think I was walking around that weird building place again with Nick. I think we kept seeing people we knew (or I knew, at least), and finally we all ended up in this room with a balcony. There were at least 8 of us there, and I remember Nick, Anne, Derek, and Em were there along with some other folks - I think they were friends of friends or people I vaguely knew or don't remember or something. Anyway, for some reason we all decided to have a big group hug, and it was a wonderful, happy feeling. And then I think I was talking to Anne and Em about something, but my alarm rang (forgot to turn the damn thing off yesterday).

Yesterday was quite fun. Megan and I went to the first Alpha reading, and it was great. And we ddin't get lost using my mom's directions ("so we go around the nipple..."). Leen's story was the most hilarious thing I've heard in a while, and apparently my reaction to it was almost as funny as the story itself, since I was shaking with laughter pretty much the entire time. And after reading her journal, I understood where it was coming from, which made it even better. Wow. I would have asked her to marry me, but she's taken (and has cute kissing pictures!), and I kind of stopped randomly proposing to people anyway. But that story... it was awesome. It must be published. I don't care how bitter and man-hating it sounds, it must be published. And we must turn boys into girls using chocolate. Muhahahahahahaaaaa! Leen, you are amazing, and I love you.

Anyway, it was so great to see Alphans again and meet some of the new ones, I was really happy. Afterwards, Megan and I went to a Chinese buffet and then Walfart. Leen's story reminded me that I should buy more underwear (by the bye, black underwear never stains), so I did, and Walfart has quite an interesting underwear section. They had this one shiny silver bra with a charm on it, and it would be perfect for a Valkyrie costume (minus the charm). Then we went to Megan's house and ended up reading all these notes I had given her in 10th grade (she was in 9th grade at the junior high, so the only time we saw each other all day was up at the buses at the end of the day, and I would almost always have a note filled with random weird stuff to give her) and old musicals we wrote and stuff. Such hilarity, with flecks of brilliance squished in with all the bad writing. And driving with Megan is fun, because sometimes we just randomly burst into song (like last night, when we just started singing "Moments in the Woods" while leaving the Walfart parking lot).

Megan finally gave me my birthday presents (only a few months late, but that's ok - I still have Spam's present, and her birthday was in April). I got another one of her crazy mix tapes, a really cool Maleficent jewelry box (Disney villains rock), and a severed nose key chain (not real, but it still looks pretty gross and funny). And she had a dream that we were over at my house, running from monsters and stuff, and she made a poster that said "Vote Ade for president, or she'll kick you in the balls." My dad saw the poster and got really mad, but we didn't care since we were running from the zombies. Hee.

I showed my sister some of the Alpha 2003 pictures and videos yesterday (can you tell that I was excited for the reading?). She saw a picture with Gen in it and thought it was Diane, but then that's not really surprising. Yay, less than a week until Confluence! And yes, we're going to the Tammy reading on Monday. It should be awesome.

Wow, this entry is long... as usual...

"You have to have sex and cannibalism to have a good story!"
- Ade (after leaning that "The Sex Lives of Cannibals" was about neither sex nor cannibalism)

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