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I stayed up until 4:30 am talking to Nick last night, so of course it's only natural that he featured in my dream last night. To cut all the boring, stupid dream bits out of the way, Nick and I were at some restaurant or something, in the middle of a town. All of a sudden, we heard sirens (alarm sirens, not sea nymphs), and a bunch of fire trucks and emergency vehicles drove past. I felt a sinking in my stomach and knew that either something had gone terribly wrong or was about to. I looked up at the sky and saw something falling, and I knew it was a bomb. But I didn't panic, I just watched it fall toward this gas station (it looked like it was about half a mile away). But it wasn't a bomb, it was a little red airplane, and it crashed into the station and burst into flame. I thought, "Oh no, fire + gas station = not good." I sat and watched, waiting for the explosion. But the plane just sort of shook and twisted in the flames as people either watched or tried to fix the situation. I worried about the pilot, but I knew he wouldn't make it. People were disassembling this nearby building, and a little boy stood there, crying. I looked at the crowd of people watching and saw someone I used to know. It was my 6th grade friend Kira, who I haven't seen in many years. She saw Nick and me sitting there, so she came and sat across the table from us. We started talking, and I mentioned that I was an English major. For some reason, she gave me a weird look. But really, what's so weird about being an English major? Nick and I had our arms around each other in a friendly sort of way, but Kira probably assumed something else. I guess the plane crash scenario turned out ok. Later there was this weird part about a public bathroom, and then I was standing outside it and Nick accidentally went into the ladies room for a minute (it was empty) and I just started laughing. And that was my dream.

Oh dear, all the grocery shopping for the next few weeks is up to me. *glances around and laughs evilly* Now we're going to have what I want, every day! Even though my dad usually comes home after we normally eat dinner. Which means I'll just make casseroles and stuff and stick them in the fridge for him. He isn't picky and likes my cooking, so he's easy to please, especially if I make Mexican or Chinese food.

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