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Pen Is Envy

Hee. My dad has "Hava Nagila" as his ring tone. That's awesome. It's a fun song to hum. And he loves Jewish people too. I was telling him how I think Jewish people are awesome (really, I do!), and he started talking about how he likes some of his Jewish friends more than his Christian friends because they're so nice. And my dad wants me to sell some stuff on Ebay for him (he said I could keep the profit), so I got myself a seller account. I was going to try to get rid of some spare ink cartridges from my last printer that broke anyway... though they're probably hidden in my massive junk piles.

I was going to go to the last Alpha reading tonight, but I was kind of tired and didn't feel like driving. I would have gone if Megan was going, but her mom was taking her out to dinner. She finally passed her driver's test (and then promised herself she'd never drive again - we'll see how long this lasts). Go Megan!

And going through old entries is fun. Here are some interesting ones (in no particular order):
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The dueling comments here are priceless
One year ago (Oh how I miss Alpha...)
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Okokok, I've posted enough today. I'll shut up now.

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