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Ahahahahahaha I haven't started packing for Confluence yet, and I have much to do tomorrow before 2:00 (which is when I leave the house to pick up Megan, then Kass and her friend, then on to the hotel). I actually set my alarm too. Wow. Last night I dreamed that I was arriving at Confluence and saw a friend I haven't seen in years. I also dreamed that for some reason I had kissed a platonic friend and was freaking out about it, because I really have no interest in him and like our friendship the way it is. I also dreamed that I was running from something with Derek and possibly other people, and we stopped to get food. I wanted to get pizza, and the counter was a good 6 feet off the ground, and the lady overlooked me when it was my turn to order. But I got my pizza, and some little girl asked if I was going to be a librarian or something, and I gave her my autograph. But apparently I was taking forever, and the kid ate half my pizza, and then Ben, Nick, and someone else (either Derek or John) came up to me, and for some reason Nick was wearing a bandana and kind of looked almost badass, only... he's Nick. So I was trying to hurry up and eat the pizza. Ah, dreams. Crazy things.

Yeah, I need to go to bed so I don't lay around in the morning instead of taking care of things before the con. I'm almost an expert at last-minute packing, but I usually end up overpacking. But this time I'll try to only bring stuff I know I'll use and not overdo it on the clothing. Unlike some people, I don't plan on bringing seven shirts for two days. *grins* I'll just bring my backpack (full of random stuff) and a small clothing bag. And all the food, of course. I bought a lot. And I made rum cake! I made 2 cakes! One in my... uh... new cake pan (there will be pictures after I "frost" it tomorrow), and another in a regular cake pan so I could give some to my dad (who doesn't know about the other cake and would either be highly amused or highly irritated if he found out about the other, which he won't).

Weee, I'm almost out of space on my hard drive. Time to burn most of my anime onto CDs! And not download any more until I free up a few gigs! A few more episodes, and I'll be caught up where I left off in Naruto (I think I've seen the first 55-60 episodes... right up until the beginning of the Naruto/Neji match).

Ok, ok, I'll tear myself away and go to bed. Ninja vanish! *disappears in a puff of panda-colored smoke, then reappears in bed 6 feet away*

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