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Well, I'm back from Vermont. I spent most of the week sitting around and knitting, but some interesting stuff happened too. I'll update on that later when I'm not out of it from traveling all day. I kind of have a headache too, just a minor one.

So school starts in like a week and a half. I'm simultaneously excited to be living in the house again with a bunch of friends and dreading the upcoming year, especially with the big comp looming in front of me, ready to destroy my mind like it's done to the friends who have graduated before me. Oh well. And just when I come back from Vermont and am really eager to talk to people I haven't talked to in a while, certain people I want to talk to aren't around. Oh well.

And it's kind of weird. I'm kind of dreading seeing a certain one of my friends again, even though I'm looking forward to it at the same time. It's just because it seems like the person has really changed in the past few months and isn't the person I thought I knew. I'm sure this feeling will fade as soon as I see the person, but it's just a weird uneasiness.

Hey, I can get a parking pass from the security office at Allegheny, right? Now that I have a car, I need one. And I feel like a total idiot asking this, because I did a group project on student parking last year and should already know this. I'm going to try to fit as much stuff as I can into my car and drive up by myself (with Dude). I don't really want my parents helping me move this time. I mean, it's good to have help carrying stuff, but I just know that whenever my dad comes up, he's going to give my housemates a hard time. He keeps saying stuff like, "If they give you any trouble, you tell me. I bet I can take all of them with half my brain tied behind my back" and "College guys are the dirtiest, smelliest, foulest creatures on the planet." Riiiiight. I guess it's just a dad thing. I highly doubt the guys will give me any trouble (and I can take care of things just fine by myself, thankyouverymuch), and these guys aren't quite as dirty and nasty as most other college guys. I mean... they don't stink. They may be messy, but so am I, and we've all pretty much agreed that the bathrooms must stay as close to clean as possible. My dad keeps saying I should stake out my own bathroom so I don't get dysentary, but I really don't mind sharing. I mean... we girls aren't exactly neat and tidy either. I keep myself clean, but I will avoid cleaning as much as possible. I don't mind cooking and doing non-cleaning chores, but I will procrastinate until someone really gets on my case about cleaning. So me having my own bathroom would be a really bad idea because it would never get cleaned until it became a roach bordello or something. Seriously. At least with other people, there's a chance someone else would do it or get on my case about it. We never kept the bathroom very clean last year anyway. It got to be a serious problem, too. We girls are no better than guys when it comes to cleanliness. Personal hygiene, maybe, but not cleanliness. And at least the guys won't crowd the edges of the bathtub with a plethora of girly products (and if they do, I will make fun of them). And I doubt they'll leave any used condoms on the bathroom floor. Oh dear... having said that, I imagine them conspiring to freak me out and filling condoms with vanilla pudding or something and leaving them on the bathroom floor, then laughing as I spaz out. Yeah, that was a bad idea to plant in people's heads.

Here I am, rambling again. Well I'm kind of tired and worn out from sitting in a car all day. And my parents want me to do back-to-school shopping for clothes and stuff. Bleh. I'd better do some of that before my mom comes home in two days, or she'll want to take me to the mall and buy me something other than my traditional jeans/amusing t-shirt attire. Weeee. I feel so... um... I don't know. Kind of dull and sarcastic and slightly bitter. And tired. I have a week's worth of friends entries to skim tomorrow. Joy. *collapses*

(I'll be more coherent and amusing tomorrow, I promise)

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