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I updated my photo journal with pictures from Confluence and Vermont.

Also, Dude's new nickname is Brave Sir Robin. This scruffy, mean cat that we call Grisabella was hanging out on our lawn, and when Dude saw the other cat, he ran inside. My dad said, "Oh look, it's Brave Sir Robin," and then we both started singing the song. Heh.

I went to Walfart today, and even though I really wanted to go alone, Katie insisted on coming along. I was firm when I said no, but then my mom urged me to take her with me (grrr). I got some school supplies (my sister looked at my list and asked if soap was considered school supplies) and cat stuff, and we both ended up getting Superman underwear. Woohoo. Maybe tomorrow I'll go clothes shopping and then get a new monitor since this one sucks and keeps randomly flickering out for several minutes at a time when I'm trying to do something.
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