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Quote of the day:

Katie: (looking at the cover of Scientific American) Hey, it's Einstein! I recognize him!
Ade: Well, he is pretty famous.
Katie: Well, yeah, he, like, invented math.

In other news, congratulations to Ben and Em for finding all 3 cats. You get gold stars!

So my dad was telling me about this Cameltoe site and how funny it was. And a few minutes ago, I went there to check it out. Oooooooooooookay! While it's not exactly porn, it's like porn's little sister (Pornette?). And my dad told me about this. *shakes head* And to think, my parents used to yell at me for expressing interest in anything even remotely sexual and would flip out if they caught me with porn. Well... I guess since I'm perfectly legal now, it doesn't matter, and now my dad encourages me to look at "camel toes." Hehehe...

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