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I just preordered The Forbidden Zone on DVD. I'm thrilled. Just 11 more days until it's released... And then I must get all my housemates together so they can share in the amazement. I haven't seen the movie since sometime in high school. Megan had this video that was a copy of a copy, and I saw it like twice. But the second time was at my house, and my dad flipped out at us for watching it, since it's rather... uh... inappropriate to watch when your dad is in the room. But I love the movie. It's so absurd, it's great. And it's guaranteed to offend everybody!

Oh yeah, and I was wandering around Hot Topic and saw this. I immediately thought, "Wow, Ben has to get this shirt!" It's just... amazing. And this reminds me of Nick. Heeheehee, Hot Topic has the most amazing t-shirts ever. I got a Harry Potter shirt. It's snug even though I got an XL, but... Harry is sexy, dammit, and I don't care if I'm a pedophile.

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