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I was just running some errands, and while I was filling up at Sheetz, I happened to look in one of the windows and see that Ned's shorts were down. And since Ned is anatomically correct, his little plastic dangly bits were hanging out. This was right after I had my car's oil changed at Valvoline... I wonder what those Valvoline guys were thinking. And for a few minutes, I was both incredibly amused and slightly embarrassed. I'm just glad I parked in the garage last night and not the street (it was raining heavily when I returned from the mall). I can just picture a family with small children out on a walk, passing my house. The little girl would innocently turn to the father and say, "Daddy, there's a little man in that car with his pee-pee hanging out." Heh. I don't particularly care if all the neighborhood kids see Ned in his natural state, I just don't want angry overprotective parents harassing me about it. Good thing I parked in the garage. Katie swears she had nothing to do with it, and her friends were responsible (she did sit in the front yesterday, so she's off the hook). I just find the situation hilarious.

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