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Well folks, the Ade has returned to Allegheny. I've been here since Sunday. I don't have the internet yet, since I need to configure my computer (it's having issues with network settings, but perhaps I can figure it out or get one of my nerdier friends to help me) and then turn in the form thingy. I also need to get stuff out of storage tonight. My room is a mess of stuff I haven't unpacked yet (and probably won't really "unpack"). One of my shelves is devoted almost entirely to yarn (I had no idea my stash was that huge), and I now have a knitting drawer. Everyone else except John is here, and I've been so happy for the past few days. I'm home again.

I went to Los Compadres with Nick, Ben, and Derek last night. Nick and I got margaritas (we're legal now, woooo!), but Nick only had half of his, so I drank the rest. I wasn't drunk, just a bit tipsy (mellow yet giggly), and Derek drove my car back. Heh. Fun times. And the Naruto fighting game has taken over the main room. Half the time I walk by, people are playing it. I haven't tried it out yet, but I will eventually, hopefully against someone who won't hand me my ass the first time I play when I'm figuring out what the buttons do. Weeee! Also, I decided that Gaara and Haku are my ultimate Naruto yaoi couple.

So, I've been hanging out with people, playing with Dude, being silly, etc. This year is going to be awesome, and I will never get any work done. Weeee! And having a single means not getting sexiled! Yaaaaaay! *sticks tongue out at a few of you* Though it's nice for other reasons too. And there's a lot to love about cuddling for hours. Hee. *smirk*

So good to be back...

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