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Figure drawing is still amazing. It's like a nice happy drug with no harmful side effects (except maybe blackened fingernails, but that's ok). That was my first time drawing a completely nude male. But I didn't feel weird about it. I guess I'm desensitized enough, and Inner Ade wasn't screaming, "Ewww, dangly bits! Eeeeeeeee! Look awaaaaay!" It was just sort of, "Well, this is interesting." But I didn't draw them or anything, they weren't really showing in the poses from the angle I was drawing at. Holy crap, that sentence structure was horrible.

I should be getting the internet in my room soon enough. Last night, Nick was helping try to fix the configuration stuff, and today I'm just going to fiddle with it until it decides to tell me my IP address so I can turn in the internet registration form.

Also, you guys are just cruel. Pitting one of my weaknesses against another like that. You know who you are. Grarrr! *shakes fist*

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