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And the one thing they say about Catholics is they'll take you as soon as you're warm

Wow, there were a lot of freshmeats at the Argo meeting. And FEMALES too! Which is great for the Argo boys because it adds some new flavors to the incest pool. Let's just hope some of the females stick with us. Speaking of incest, Jess managed to start this trend of undoing other people's pants using feet. And Ben probably has the easiest-to-open pants (and belt), since both Jess and Nick can undo his pants with their feet. I only really find it surprising that Ben let Nick undo his pants since Ben is really the only guy in the house that comes off as completely straight, but I find it hilarious. And it took me like 10 minutes to undo Nick's pants with my tiny little baby feet, but I did it. Of course, that was after he changed into shorts with a snap closure rather than a button (I couldn't undo the button, it was too tight). It's much easier to undo pants with opposable thumbs. Then it only takes a couple seconds rather than several minutes.

Now that everyone's eyebrows are way up, I'll talk about something else. Today I saw a girl wearing a shirt that said, "Cheerleaders are..... 99% athletes, 1% pretty girls in short skirts." My first thought upon seeing that was, "And 100% delicious!" And I thought of Alpha.

I had other stuff to write about, but I was going to friends-only it, but now that I think about it, I've lost the desire to write about it and kind of forget what I was going to write about anyway. Oh well. I miss Dude. And my throat feels kind of scratchy. I really hope my sister didn't give me her cold. Because then my housemates will all blame me for giving them the plague. Or something. I'm hoping I just inhaled a bit too much charcoal dust yesterday and this feeling will pass.

And now, a funny quote.

(at dinner after the Argo meeting)
Rose: And Ade is like, the most normal one at this table.
Ade: *slams fist down* YOU BITCH!!!!!!!

I think that made a few people's days.

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