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Ugh. I vaccuumed the downstairs, but the main room is a disaster. I got the top layer of dirt and crap off, but there's lots of stuff ground into the rug, large lint balls, etc. and the room doesn't look much cleaner even though I got a lot of the dirt and had to clean the vaccuum filter half a dozen times. We either need a superpowered vaccuum or some rug cleaner. And I wish people wouldn't leave their crap all over the main room, especially trash, dirty dishes, and empty bottles. Sheesh. If you're going to be a slob, keep the mess in your own room (that's what I do). Of course, I have the feeling that much of the garbage and stuff came from people that don't live in the house. There were a lot of people over last night after anime night, and the main room was trashed this morning. I picked stuff off the floor so I could vaccuum and threw some stuff away, but people should really clean up after themselves, especially if they don't live at the house.

Anyway, last night was fun for the most part. It was Jess's birthday, and I got her this stuffed puppy that she named Fluffy McPookiepie (this sprouted from me talking about how toy companies will give stuffed animals cheesy names like Fluffy or Pookiepie). I also went to Los Compadres with Nick and Derek. And Jess seems to be the one starting weird trends. I walked in on her drawing with markers on Ben's nipples, and then I suddenly wanted to draw on nipples too, so I talked Nick into letting me draw Cyclor on him, and then I drew a rainbow circle and wrote "pride" on Derek (who couldn't tell what I was doing until it was too late). Yes, there are pictures of the decorated nipples, and I'll post them later this week. Then Derek borrowed my fishnet shirt, and he looked so amazingly flaming, I wanted to hug him. A bunch of us watched The Forbidden Zone, and I think everyone else either hated it or really didn't know what to think of it. Ah, I love ridiculously stupid, zero-budget, bad movies. Afterwards, a flood of people came in after anime night and started playing the Naruto fighting game. Woot. And a few of my housemates went to the Amnesty house for a party, but that party got busted... by Kitt. Who busted us for having a cat. This means war.

Anyway, Nick and I ended up falling asleep in my room last night, and college beds definitely aren't designed to hold two people comfortably. Actually, they aren't even comfortable for one person. And at one point, I was talking in my sleep (saying something like, "no, that's not mine") and woke both of us up. I did have a funny dream though. I was at this place that might have been a school or camp or something, and I was standing on this big balcony watching crowds of drunk people act silly. Apparently Russ was kind of across the balcony from me, and John was below, and they started throwing water at each other and laughing a lot. The drunk people were going crazy, and some were passed out, and then this authority-type woman walked in and started busting people, and then this man below walked around picking up the passed-out drunks to see if they were still alive. Then Russ got into this pickup truck thing and was trying to turn around, but he was really drunk and was driving crazily and smacked into a stop sign. Then I was suddenly below the balcony, watching Russ stumble around, looking for the stop sign he hit. John was walking around with this old lady (she looked 70-80), and for a moment I wondered if they were dating but then realized that was just plain absurd. They walked into this weird building, and I followed, but then I drifted awake. It was pretty hilarious when I was dreaming it. And when I woke, I realized I wasn't alone in my bed (an odd feeling since I always sleep alone except when I have to share a bed at hotels, though those beds can fit more than one person) and my shoulder kind of hurt since I was lying at the edge and hadn't had much shifting room all night.

Well, I have other stuff to do today. And I'm stuffed up, since Nick and I both have colds, and vaccuuming made it worse since I'm allergic to dustmite poo and cleaning the vaccuum filter repeatedly really irritated my sinuses. So ta ta, all.

Also, check out Zan's awesome pictures. Especially the ones of us outside Abercrombie and Fitch pretending to be lesbians. Muhahahahahaaaaaa!

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