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I typed up this long post yesterday, but it got eaten. Oh well. Today and tomorrow will be busy. I haven't started my head drawing yet, it's due Wednesday, and I'm supposed to put at least 8 hours into it. I'll divide that time between today and tomorrow, but that takes a large chunk out of my free time. And I need to get it done by 5 tomorrow, since I have 3 meetings to go to: Argo, AGP (yes, I'm a member, and I don't really want to burn their house down - sorry), and Tuesday group, which will go on well past midnight as it always does. I would have worked on the drawing last night, but I got distracted. Since it was Jess's birthday Friday and Amanda's birthday Saturday, we had a birthday party for them at the house last night. We made rum cake, though we used a different recipe. And no, it wasn't phallic, though it should have been. And Nick poured rum over the cake after it came out and then made frosting which was about 75% sugar, 25% rum. So people got lots of rum pockets in their cake, and it was fun watching facial expressions.

I gave Deltron my cold today, but that was his own damn fault. At lunch, I dropped my fork on the floor and whined about it, so Deltron offered me his. But it was used and I have issues with sharing eating utensils because of body fluids and germs, so I went and got a new fork. After I had a couple bites of my stir fry, Deltron took my fork and licked it just to torment me. I grumbled and wiped it off, and Deltron now has a cold. Muhahahahahahaaaaaa! I am so generous with my diseases. Yesterday Nick was telling me that I should go around kissing other people so they'd all get sick too, but I'm not really into random kissing, and that would just be mean. Because kissing is mean. When it involves germs.

And Derek is a great gay impersonator. He's a fag queen. Or a fairy king. Or something. He's been wearing my fishnet shirt a lot recently. Which just makes him look even more flaming.

Wow, for the last few weeks my entries have basically been, "Bla bla my housemates bla bla Derek is gay bla bla bla drinking bla bla hate Kitt bla bla bla."

Your LJ Halloween Party by Karen_Walker
You're Dressed AsNapoleon Dynamite
The Rock Starlttlredcorvette
The Naughty Nursemarang
The School Girl_starlady_
The Witchdarkestfaerie
The Care Bearinajiraarijani
The French Maidderekconsortium
The Dominatrixleentigress
The Clownaudreym
The Cowboydunderford_inte
The Porn Stardeltron3k
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Why is it that I can actually see this happening? *points and laughs at some of them*

Your LiveJournal Wedding by x i love u x
Favorite color
You will marryxelfimara
...will be your maid of honorakailv
... will be your best manzinnia_zeroth
... will be the ministersylvrwlf
... will object to the weddingmousse
Your salary is ... a year$17,464,207
You will have ... kids19
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But... I don't want to marry Mara! At least the rest makes me snicker a lot.

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