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Yesterday I finished my head drawing, which came out decently enough despite several glaring errors. It was fun drawing next to Jess because she's hilarious and crazy and her drawing really reflected her insane, adorably violent nature (yes, I said "adorably violent"). Tuesday group was fun, and for once I didn't write stupid writers' house slash or anything. When I was typing that sentence, I wrote "right" instead of "write." Me is English major! Heh, well I had another slip today. During figure drawing, I was talking about what I thought of my drawing and the process. I said something like "I didn't not like working really big..." and then people started laughing and Jess made some comment about me being an English major. Heh. I'm deteriorating.

We watched Edward Scissorhands today. Such a great movie. Even though it was a bit "dusty" for Nick and me. And Nick is so cute, he gets so emotional over movies.

And now! I posted more crazy pictures! Muhahahahahaaaaa!

Oh yeah, and if you want to know what I think of you or something, comment with what you think of me and I'll get back to you. Weeeee.

Hungry. Must find Nick and something to eat. Or the other way around. Or find and eat Nick. Stop snickering.

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