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Ah, what a day. I'm sleepy. But I must study for that Chinese test tomorrow before I go to bed. I didn't get much sleep last night, so I took a nap today. Actually, the nap was really just me lying down kind of curled up sideways on my bed with my head against the wall and then falling asleep. I woke up and found Nick lying next to me, staring at me, and I wondered if he had been there the whole time or what, and I apparently get really disoriented upon waking up when I'm not well-rested. Anyway, on the way back from dinner with Derek and Jess, it was raining, and our dilapidated "driveway" was all muddy and stuff. I managed to slip twice in about 5 seconds, and I scraped my knee (just a bit). Derek and Jess had to hold my hands the rest of the way so I wouldn't fall again. Hehe. And then Jess and I were playing around with my X-rated playing cards and decided to name all of them. So we gave them names like Floppy, Pendulum, Teeny-Weenie, Rawhide, Jailbait, etc. And then we had to show everyone else, because we're insane.

I really talk a lot about my housemates and other friends here. So for the benefit of those who don't go to Allegheny, here are the basic house characters so you'll have an idea of who I talk about all the time:

Writers' house people

Ade: That would be me, the crazy little cat lady. Apparently I'm usually really quiet, but whenever I open my mouth I say the most shocking, amusing things.

Nick: He's a really tall hippie who also likes saying shocking things. He's also a balloon since he just kind of floats around. And he's my bitch.

Ben: He's basically the brother I never had, and he quotes Monty Python a lot. He has a ton of action figures and has lived in more countries than anyone else I know.

Derek: I have to give Derek a lot of credit for putting up with us. I feel kind of bad since I make fun of him constantly, but it's an addiction. He claims to be straight, but he's such a flamer. And he's becoming an alcoholic.

Evil Thom: He's one of the craziest, funniest people I know, and he never ceases to amaze me. He played the Mysterious Man in "Into the Woods" once, and he was perfect for the role with that maniacal personality of his.

Deltron: He also gets a lot of credit for putting up with us. He's very Jewish and very funny, and he's the best dresser of all my guy friends. Deltron isn't his real name (Sam), but it's more fun.

John: John is a walking skeleton. He's also probably the most feminine person in the house. There's this German girl on campus who looks just like him, only slightly less emaciated. John is made of scissors.

People who almost live here but don't

Jess: When she isn't biting/tackling Ben into submission, we molest each other and go heavy on the innuendo. Jess never fails to amuse me, and she's just a barrel of fun to be around. And she starts fun trends like undoing pants with feet and drawing on nipples.

Jenn: Jenn is the blue-haired catgirl who reigns over Argo and tends to get overworked. Thom is her bitch, and she loves to draw.

Rose: I don't have any questionable pictures of her yet, but she and John make quite an interesting pair. Rose never stops talking, and she brings over jugs of wine that Derek ends up consuming.


The Dude: Also known as Brave Sir Robin, he's the writers' house kitty, but he's on a "leave of absence" at home for a while so we won't get in more trouble. My former housemate Jamie and I had him at the house last year too. He's loud and kind of annoying, but he's sweet and loveable and will do anything to get attention.

Cyclor: The cannibal lord of the pumpkins and the demonocratic presidential candidate. Ben and I will resurrect Cyclor this Halloween! Vote Cyclor!

And that's that. Must be off. G'night.

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