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i'm so proud of myself, i'm doing LAUNDRY today! yeah, it's gonna be a fun time in 15 minutes when i go to get everything out of the dryers and haul 50 pounds of fabric up 4 flights of stairs. man, i'm going to be in shape by the end of this year with all the stairs and carrying things around! not to mention fencing. i just hope i don't lose any weight or anything - i like the clothing i have, and i love being pudgy. what would i be without my amazing belly? :)

tuesday group tonight! ohhhhhhyeah! more writing silly stuff, reading it to people, and laughing hysterically at the random stuff people write. kinda like alpha, but with a slightly older crowd, and we don't have deadlines or lectures all day. just pure writing and fun! oh, happiness...

i'm kinda confuzzled as to what exactly we were supposed to do for film class today (except the reading). were we supposed to be in groups for the silent film thing? what's going on? i saw "city lights" yesterday (charlie chaplin is a god!), but i'm really not sure what we're supposed to be doing. oh well. hey, i just realized i have an hour and a half until that class and i didn't do the reading yet! doh!

well, i should shut up now so i can go get my laundry, put it away, and read the 40-or-so pages assigned (fortunately filled with pictures) so i don't get waaaay behind like i did last year. bye bye!

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