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Holy crap! They changed the updating page thingy! Now it looks all... more impressive-y. Yeah, that sentence made sense. Hee.

I went shopping today. Along with some random stuff I needed and a few food items, I got a thrift store t-shirt that says "Aerobics Addiction" (the shirt is huge and I'm fat and lazy, so I find the irony amusing) and this '80s game called "Heartthrob." Apparently there are all these pictures of really fruity-looking guys, and you're supposed to guess which one your friend likes. I saw the game at the thrift store and found it amusing, so I had to buy it for the house. The guys found it amusing too. I also stopped at the pet store to look at all the aminals.

I also went to the Chinese house for a calligraphy program today. They had egg rolls, but they were beef and I almost considered cheating on my vegetarianism. But I didn't. Meh. The calligraphy thing was cool though, and my Chinese teacher was impressed with my mad brushmanship skillz.

And now, the story my sister wrote for her English class. I laughed so hard I probably scared everyone in the computer lab.

It was the night before Halloween and Mark and his sister Sally were bouncing with excitement. Inside their tiny house at the top of a hill Mark helped Sally carve some pumpkins for the following night. Their mother was not around because she was killed two years ago in a car crash. Every year on Halloween their neighborhood would be flooded with hundreds of trick-or-treaters. After Sally finished carving the pumpkins they went to bed.
The next morning a loud scream rang through the house. Sally screamed as seven snakes slithered slowly towards her bed. Mark ran to Sally’s room and kicked the door open. Then he just threw the snakes out the open window from which they had come in. For the rest of the day Sally and Mark just sat around the house waiting for darkness to fall. When it did, the moon was shining throughout the sky. Children started emerging from their houses dressed in costume. Mark went out too with Sally. Sally left to go trick-or-treating with her friends and Mark left to go to his friend Jim’s house.
Sally raced to each house with her friends. But before they could reach the thirteenth house there was a loud BOOM and the ground shook. Then came screams from around the neighborhood. Sally looked over at the forest and saw that trees were getting knocked down as something huge was moving towards the neighborhood. Mean while, Mark and Jim were watching TV when the power went out and a telephone pole crashed down outside the window. Mark said,” oh great” as he jumped out of his chair and dashed for the door. Just as he stepped outside he looked up and what loomed above him was this giant green thing. It looked just like Frankenstein, only as tall as a house. Sally ran towards Mark until she saw the giant Frankenstein standing by him. She screamed and dropped her candy. Frankenstein turned her direction and bent down to pick her up with his massive hands. Then he grabbed Sally and held her up to his face to examine her and then threw her in his mouth. Mark was so!
shocked at this point he didn’t know what to do but faint, so he did. Just after Frankenstein swallowed Sally it started to rain. Frankenstein looked up and groaned and with in five seconds he melted into a puddle on the road. Mark got up and ran to the puddle to help retrieve the unconscious Sally. Mark was still in a lot of shock but he carried Sally home. He took care of his sister for the rest of the evening. Mark thought about everything that had happened that Halloween night and how it had gone by in five minutes. He just lay down on the couch until he finally fell asleep from that wild and crazy night.

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