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tuesday group kicked ass! we did that random picture and caption thingy. i picked this picture of a lady wearing this weird headpiece thingy and a quote that said "he leaned over to scratch her head." so i wrote a hilarious story called "miss penusetti's headdress." also, when we were doing introductions this new guy was saying he was in india last year. i promptly got all excited and asked if he'd been to a temple of Ganesha. he said probably. he wrote a really funny story, and as we were applauding, i said, "that was amazing, i love you!" and he laughed.

phew it's hot. these pants make it all sticky and nasty. i should put on pjs. i wore my new tevas for the first time today after fencing. at fencing i was working with the new people (fresh meat waiting to be skewered and grilled... muhahahahahahaaaa...). i got to attack one of the new argo people and this other dude who's really fast and gave me a bunch of bruises on sunday (we were doing drills and he was supposed to attack and hit me). i got a blister on my finger, but that's why i carry band-aids with me! spongebob band-aids! my finger now has a magnificent blue strip wrapped around it that says "oops!" and has a picture of spongebob looking bashful. i have harry potter band-aids in my room too! dude, they have such awesome band-aids available nowadays. whenever i get a boo-boo and get a band-aid i have to smile. isn't it great having hermione, squidward, or a lightning bolt guarding your owies?

oy. do i have homework due tomorrow? it's nearing 11:30 so i should probably check...

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