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What the hell? Someone decided to take up ALL the dryers in the Caflisch laundry room. I went down there to transfer my laundry to the dryers and saw that all 5 of them had the same amount of time left on them, and they were all permanent press. And when I was putting my laundry in the washing machines, this girl came to get her stuff out of them and she used 3 machines and had only 2 or 3 things in each machine. Some people are weird about their laundry. Me, I do two loads every other week or so (until last year it used to be every week, but it's a pain doing laundry when your house doesn't have laundry machines any more because the basement is sometimes flooded and we're not allowed down there). One load is for sheets, towels, pants, and sweatshirts, and the other load is for everything else. I don't bother with permanent press or delicates or that sort of crap (mostly because 95% of what I own is cotton or other durable fabrics that don't have fancy washing instructions, and the only white things I own are t-shirts I sleep in and a couple pairs of underwear). Is it necessary to take up 5 fucking dryers? I can see washing things separately, but drying doesn't matter so much. Silly girl and her fancy laundry.

Ok, I'm done for now. This rant was written to take up some of the 25-ish minutes I have to wait for the dryers. *shakes fist* And I know there's at least one other girl waiting to use them.

At least it's Friday and I got another 98% on my Chinese test (Wo shi awesome!). I need to get my room in a semi-presentable state for my mom to criticize and compulsively dust tomorrow, plus go get some Drano and wine for Derek. Weeeee! And now, I go!

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