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It's weird not having people in the house. Last night, Nick and I were the only ones home (yeah, yeah, go ahead and oooooooh and make immature kissy noises and sexual references). And Nick went home today, so unless anyone returns tonight, I'll have the whole house to myself tonight. Weeeeeird. Well, at least if I'm not distracted, I can spend some time in the studio and work on my projects (making up that figurative sculpture that fell apart, working on the next sculpture if I finish that, and doing the head drawing). I'm going home sometime tomorrow afternoon, and then I'm coming back sometime Monday afternoon. I don't really want to be home much, I just need to get a few things and go to my dentist appointment. And do laundry, of course. I only have a week's worth of clothes to do, which isn't bad.

Last night I dreamed I was playing this video game where the fighter character was in this castle, trying to get to a secret chamber or something. I remember he was chopping up falling rocks and seemed to have a lot of hit points, but then I was suddenly outside in this courtyard place in the castle. A lot of people in interesting costumes (like dresses made of leaves and stuff) were prancing by, and I saw Em and Laura. But then I was back in the game or something, and there was this massacre and a lot of the villagers had died, and there were bodies scattered all over the courtyard. I panicked and wondered what happened to my friends, but they were ok. I guess everything had cleaned up, and I was in the courtyard with Nick and Em and maybe Laura and other people. And I gave Nick a big hug. That's all I remember.

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