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What the hell? The construction guys are working right outside the computer lab, and for some reason it smells like crescent rolls, which is driving me crazy in that hungry sort of way.

I'm back from fall break. I didn't bring Dude back, because he seems happier at home. So after I returned, I was sad for a while, but my friends helped bring me out of that mood. And Jess got me this aquarium in case I decide to fill the void. And I am considering it. I need to have something soft and warm and cuddly and fuzzy and loving around. And I have one of those, but I need something that's smaller than me that I can take care of (and Nick definitely isn't smaller than me). Pets make my life worth living, and without them, there's this void that no amount of human contact can fill. So I've been thinking about getting rats. I would keep them in my room and wouldn't let them roam around or anything, so they wouldn't bother my housemates at 4 am ("Heeeeeeeey! Heeeeeeeey! It's 4 am!"). They're quiet and cute and not expensive to take care of. I met Jess's rats, and they were nice and funny and interesting, and Jess said that if I needed someone to look after them for a while after I graduate, she could take care of them until I get settled wherever I end up. And they don't live as long as cats, so the time commitment isn't as long. I can spare some time to feed and clean up after them, and I would take them out and play with them on a regular basis. So far, the pros are outweighing the cons. I'll give it maybe a week and see. Maybe something will work out.

Anyway, while I was at home, my mom and I went to Schramm's and got PUMPKINS! I absolutely love going there every year to pick out pumpkins. It makes me so happy, and I get as excited as those little preschoolers, though I don't bounce around and shriek as much.

Last day of fall break. Time to get cracking on stuff that's due tomorrow. Weeeee!

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