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Yep, after figure drawing, Jess and I went to the pet store, and I got two baby boy rats. Don't know what I'll name them yet, but I'll think of something, and I'm sure my friends will have interesting suggestions. One is cream-colored, and the other is white with a bluish-gray hood. Right now I'm letting them adjust to their new home, and I'll kind of leave them alone for a couple days before I start introducing myself (first I'll put something in the cage that smells like me, then gradually introduce my hand and so forth). I'm so happy! And I made up a song on the way to the car.

Gonna get me some ratses
'Cause I can't have my catses
I hope they are fatses
My ratses ratses ratses!

In other news, last night I was trying to work on my figure drawing project (I drew my head wearing the habit - see icon) and kept getting distracted. I ended up knitting Jess a pink fluffy bunny finger puppet with some leftover yarn, and everybody in the house except Jess (and apparently Ben) hated it. It's fun to torture people with bunnies. Especially bunnies that peep. I want to make an army of finger puppets. And today during the critiques of our drawings, I mentioned the puppets, and Sue thought it was a great idea and we should all have finger puppets. Heh heh heh... I have several others in mind that I want to knit. This will be fun.

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