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It's always weird finding out your friends are engaged, especially when you've known them for 9 years. Well, only one, really, but it's still weird. Even though this person has been engaged before. *shrugs* I feel old. So old. Somebody get me my cane. My sword cane.

And my sis said she talked to Alex Turnshek online. Heh. And I've been knitting more finger puppets. I made another bunny, Cyclor, and a black cat. They're fun and they only take like 45 minutes to make.

And now, you can help me make decisions! Weee! LJ seems to be having issues with polls, so just comment.

What should I name my rats?
a) Pinky and Brain (credit to Rose)
b) Castor and Pollux
c) Dante and Dr. Faustus (credit to Jess)
Other suggestions?

Way behind on reading ye ol' friends page... don't be surprised if I comment on stuff you said 2 days ago. Heh.

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