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well, it's that day again. but i REFUSE to be depressed. i will remember those who died, but if i was dead i wouldn't want to look down on (or up to hehe) earth and see people being sad. so i'm going to be in a good mood today. also, it's the 10 year anniversary of when a good friend was hospitalized for depression, so i'll be calling her tonight.

the morning started out like any other morning. i got up and went to my medieval and renaissance french lit. freshman seminar. the tv was on and something about the world trade center was on, but i didn't pay attention, and prof. dodge turned the tv off so we could work on whatever we were doing. later i went back to my room to proceed with my daily internet ritual. it seemed like everyone's tv was on while i was walking through the hall. when i was obliviously playing neopets or whatever i was doing, carrie (my roommate last year) flung open the door, yelled "ade, why isn't the tv on?" and then flipped on the news. when she asked that, i thought she was referring to our usual habit of watching maury (WHOMYBABYDADDY?!?!?!?!) but then i saw the news and realized what was going on. carrie left, and i just sat there watching the tv, stunned. i remember sitting there with tears running down my face, thinking the world was coming to an end. i heard about the plane that crashed in PA, and i freaked out and started worrying about people. i mean, it crashed about 50 miles away from murrysville, and i was scared out of my mind. i was talking to a guy online (from pakistan - he didn't believe what was going on and was offended when i told him people suspected the middle east) and he convinced me to call my mom, so i composed myself and called her. everything was all right in murrysville, though everyone was pretty shaken-up. i went to lunch by myself, and barely anybody was there. the lunchladies were crying. you know it's bad when the lunchladies cry. i didn't have any more classes during the day, so i sat in my room and watched tv. there was a prayer service at the chapel (for all religions, basically) so i went to that. it was the only time i ever went in the chapel, and even though i feel uncomfortable in non-Wiccan religious surroundings, people of many denominations were there and it felt all right. i called my grandma in north carolina later, and she said my cousin in washington (state) called and told her. she was pretty upset too. that night there was a candlelight vigil on campus, so i went to that even though i didn't get a candle (damn!). people were standing up and sharing their views, and a lot of people were crying and hugging. i stood there, uncertain of the future and worrying that america would have to go to war. it was a sad day.

and that's basically my story.

my sister sent me a letter with harry potter stationary today. she's excited about coming up here for family weekend (she loves this school, and if she ends up going here because i went here, i'll be sick. she'll probably end up joining a sorority or something, telling the professors i'm her sister, and disgracing my memory. oh well...) and wants to embarrass me. ha, i'll be the one embarrassing HER! maybe i'll wear something incredibly dorky (she's the fashion police). if i run into any friends, she'll probably try to piss me off by telling them my middle name or talking about my underwear (she does that a lot). if she does that, i'll proceed to tell them that she has a training bra and wets herself if she laughs too hard (though i haven't seen her do it in 3 or 4 years...). HA!

i'm sore all over from fencing yesterday. i was working with some of the new people, and basically i was attacking over and over again. i wasn't wearing the best shoes, so the balls of my feet hurt, and i got a blister on my finger. usually in fencing i'll fight 1 or 2 people for 15-20 minutes, take a break, then fight again, but this time it was a real workout, repetitively advancing and thrusting (no, that didn't sound too good). ah well. i'll be a little better tomorrow.

so that's that for now. be happy!

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