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I am a happy Ade. Today was Make A Difference Day, and I went with some Argo people to the Academy Theatre, where we ripped up old yucky mildewed carpet and frolicked among the costumes and props. The nice lady there let us each pick out something we wanted, so I got some nifty fairy wings. Now I have 3 pairs! Muhahahahaaaa! And I'm wearing the new ones all day. This brownie troop came down to see us at one point, and those girls kept staring at me. I think kids stare at me a lot because they can't figure out if I'm a kid or grownup, and they're always amazed when I tell them how old I am. A lot of times, they say something like, "You're 21? Wow... that's so OLD! You look like you're maybe 12 or 13!" Heh. And Deltron and I put on unicorn masks and had a battle. 'Twas fun. The wings were worth the labor and getting my hands and forearms kinda scratched up. And we got free food when we came back, even though it was crappy and they had HOT DOGS which are neither vegetarian nor kosher, and they could have at least had veggie burgers or something substantial besides disgusting pasta salad. At least McKinley's had delicious cream of mushroom soup. And I need to make Nick get out more. Or at least eat.

My grandma got a kitten! *squeee* And I told my parents I got rats. I wonder what their reaction will be upon reading my email. My sister was excited when I told her. Though she hated their names because apparently she can neither read nor pronounce them. *sigh* Definitely not a lit geek. No wonder she's failing English. Sometimes I wonder if one or both of us were adopted, but we have too many genetic similarities with the rest of the family (though we seem to have monopolies on opposite ends of the genetic spectrum). It seems like I got most of the recessive traits, and she got the dominant ones. I think I had 2 great or great great grandparents who were about my height on both sides (Nana's father or grandfather and Grandma's mother or grandmother - I forget). But everyone else in the family ranges from moderately short (5'2" or so) to really tall (6'3" or so). And here I am, 4'9"-ish, with a childish personality to match my appearance. I rock.

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