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So much for productivity...

10 years ago, I...
1. Was a 6th grader at Mother of Sorrows School
2. Founded the Guacamole Club, which was more of a clique of the 6th grade girls (all 5 of us)
3. Had no eyebrows (I pulled them all out)
4. Wore stretchy leggings and polo shirts (We didn't have to wear uniforms like the younger kids, but we had a dress code)
5. Wrote and performed improv "Judge Wopner" cases with my friends that were ridiculously silly

5 years ago, I...
1. Discovered that the word "exlax" makes me laugh... in the middle of chemistry class
2. Had a rather pathetic crush on a friend from camp... my first girl-crush
3. Got really into Wicca
4. Won 2nd place in a writing contest for my rather sucky yet entertaining story "Squishy Day"
5. Got my driver's license (Well... 5 years in December)

3 years ago, I...
1. Was a freshman here at Allegheny
2. Stayed in my room almost all day and only talked to a couple people
3. Saw the public reading of a play that Megan and I wrote called "Burning Bridges" (we were runners-up in a young playwrights contest)
4. Fenced and went to AGP meetings, but I wouldn't get involved with Argo or the writers' house until January, when I'd meet Jen, the girl who ended up saving my social life
5. Was terrified of all but a few males

1 year ago, I...
1. Got my first kiss (One year on Sunday!)
2. Wrote this
3. Got Dude (One year tomorrow!)
4. Had Nesset's Writing Fiction class with Nick
5. Was Lilo for Halloween

So far this year, I...
1. Bought alcohol and consumed more than a sip for the first time
2. Got my first boyfriend
3. Have had quite the ride on the emotional roller coaster
4. Went vegetarian (2 months now)
5. Got my first car

Yesterday, I...
1. Went to classes
2. Went food-shopping with Nick
3. Didn't do much homework because I was lazy
4. Watched TV
5. Did nothing even remotely exciting

Today, I...
1. Haven't accomplished much either
2. Woke up early to write a journal due today
3. Went to two classes
4. Plan to go to Argo and Tuesday group
5. Want to accomplish more than yesterday

Tomorrow I...
1. Will go to classes again
2. Will go crazy trying to get my entire journal done
3. May or may not go to Golem
4. Will turn in a writing sample so I can hopefully get into the advanced fiction writing workshop I need to graduate
5. Will probably not do anything mentioned above except go to class

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