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Ooh! Ooh! They discovered a new hominid species and are referring to them as "hobbits!" This is just awesome on so many levels. Here are some links:

At lunch, for some reason I was in this horrible irritated, antsy mood. I get like that occasionally, and I don't know why. It's usually just a big buildup of stress and the mood gets triggered by some annoyance, usually a small one, and I just want to go off by myself somewhere to cool down. I can't stand hearing people talking (usually it's kind of calming and soporific - I remember falling asleep listening to my parents talking in the hallway when I was really young), and everything annoys me. But at least the mood goes away easily, if I just play computer games or take a nap. Things have been rather stressful lately, but Halloween is almost here. I need to dye my hair purple either today or tomorrow. No idea how to go about doing it, but I'll try. Watch me end up dying my face and shoulders purple while my hair remains the same. I've wanted to dye my hair purple for at least 5 years now, and I figure now is the perfect time to do it. Plus, I'm going to be Delirium for Halloween. Her hair is constantly changing, but I'll settle for purple Ade-hair right now. And I don't think the guys will mind if the bathtub gets tinted purple. After all, I seem to be the only one who hates the pink sparkly shower curtain from last year, and the guys insisted on leaving it up. We'll just have a girly bathtub. Heh... reminds me of Emma's hair dye adventure at Alpha 2003...

Last night was kinda funny. Nick and I were in the main room, watching TV with the others, and he kept trying to touch my neck because he knows I can't stand it. So any time his hands got near my neck, I would growl and bite him. It was pretty funny and became a game. *poke* "GRARR!" *chomp* Nick thinks it's cute when I bite him. I wonder if his hands are covered in little teeth marks now.

f i r s t s
First best friend: Elizabeth, a girl in my playgroup (haven't seen her since we were like 8)
First true friend: I don't know... I've had a lot of them.
First car: Echo!
First break-up: Never actually had one of those, but back in March when things were ambiguous with Nick, he told me he wanted to stop and just be friends and stuff... and then changed his mind like a month later when I had my sights on someone else.
First screen name: I think it was "Superade" when we had AOL... back in 8th grade...
First self purchased album: *shrugs* Uh, Amy Grant? I don't know.
First pet: Emma the big fat nurse tabby
First piercing/tattoo: Got my ears pierced when I was 8, but they kept getting infected so I let them close
First credit card: I have a National City debit card, but that's it. Oh, wait! I had one of those "beenz" cards like 5 years ago, that acted like a credit card.
First true love: What's "true" love anyway? I don't know. But Nick is my first love, anyway.
First enemy: Those mean boys on the bus in kindergarten through second grade that pulled my backpack, called me "Boogar," made fun of my height, and generally tormented the hell out of me. For some weird reason, it actually didn't really scar me though, except for maybe making me extremely self-conscious.
First big trip: I don't know, probably going to Vermont when I was a baby
First music you remember hearing in your house: Raffi, Jimmy Buffett, Gordon Lightfoot

l a s t s
Last car ride: Nick and I went to Bilo a couple evenings ago
Last library book checked out: I don't really frequent the library or check out books. I don't think I've checked anything out since high school.
Last movie seen: I don't know, probably something the housemates were watching.
Last beverage: Sobe (the pomegranate cranberry stuff, mmmmm)
Last food consumed: what McKinley's calls "pasta fantastica," which is more like "pasta mediocria"
Last crush: Well, I have this huge crush on one of my housemates... his name is Nick...
Last phone call: Sarah a couple nights ago
Last time showered: this morning
Last shoes worn: my beat-up Powerpuff Girls sneakers with the rainbow laces and currently coated in clay dust
Last item bought: lunch (see the beverage/food questions)
Last annoyance: being randomly angry at lunch... the last specific annoyance was at Nick when he refused to eat, even though he hasn't been eating enough lately and he's kind of scrawny
Last time wanting to die: just a fleeting thought of it sometime this week when things were piling up on me
Last time you scolded: I scolded someone? Maybe Nick at lunch, for not eating and not listening to me. The last time I got scolded... I don't know, it was probably by Deltron.

s p e c i f i c s
What kind of shampoo do you use? Whatever is cheapest... currently this fruity Suave stuff
What are you most scared of? people turning on me
What are you listening to right now? Derek just said "fuck"
Where do you want to get married? the middle of the woods somewhere
How many buddies are online right now? no idea, I'm not on AIM right now
What would you change about yourself? I'll tell you about my procrastination issues later

f a v o r i t e s
Color: rainbow
Food: strawberry ice cream, pot pie, pierogies, etc.
Boys' names: I don't really have favorites, just ones I like
Girls' names: ditto
Subjects in school: figure drawing
Sports: fencing, and gymnastics is really neat to watch
Perfume: Gap used to make this stuff that smelled like grass, it was great, and I've always loved that smell. I don't know if they still make it.

h a v e | y o u | e v e r
Given anyone a bath? nope
Bungee jumped? no, I'd probably hate it
Made yourself throw up? no
Skinny dipped? nope
Ever been in love? *nods*
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? I don't cry around people. I'd never make myself appear weak to get out of trouble.
Pictured your crush naked? Ummm... only in the sense where I remember things in pictures and scenes come up where he isn't wearing clothes... I don't really like to try and imagine people I know naked.
Actually seen your crush/love naked? Yeah...
Cried when someone died? yeah
Lied? I'm almost always honest, and I'd rather just skirt the issue or just not tell people things. But I do slip up occasionally.
Fallen for your best friend? Yeah... not Megan, but the guys
Been rejected? *winces* yup
Rejected someone? kinda, more in the "let's just keep our friendship the way it is" sense
Used someone? nope

c u r r e n t
Clothes: gray sweatshirt with speckles of dried clay and dried pumpkin guts, black t-shirt with multicolored cows, jeans, sneakers, socks, and underclothes
Music: computer lab sounds
Make-up: I don't wear makeup unless I'm in costume
Annoyance: Ummmm... I'm fine now. Maybe annoyed at myself for not doing laundry in like 3 weeks...
Smell: it smells neutral in here, and my sense of smell is pretty weak anyway
Desktop picture: The one on my computer is a Lake Champlain sunset
Cd in player: I think it's the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack
Dvd in player: I haven't watched any of my DVDs in a while, so none are in my DVD drive
Color of toenails: uh... Ade-flesh

l a s t | p e r s o n
You touched: probably Nick at lunch, when I was poking him and telling him to eat
You IMed: I think it was my sister yesterday

a r e | y o u
Understanding: I guess, usually
Open-minded: For the most part
Insecure: somewhat
Interesting: so I've been told
Monotone: not really
Hungry: I think I'm just chronically hungry, even after I've eaten
Smart: so I've been told
Moody: my moods are just all over the place
Hardworking: only if I'm really into something
Organized: HA! No way.
Healthy: for the most part, though I'm horribly out of shape
Attractive: people seem to think I'm cute
Bored easily: nah
Responsible: not really
Obsessed: with some things, yes
Angry: rarely
Sad: my moods just gravitate, so sometimes
Disappointed: with some things, yes
Happy: sometimes
Hyper: heh... sometimes, and then I don't shut up and end up saying outrageous, horrible things that end up on the quote board
Trusting: too much so
Talkative: when I'm hyper
Legal: 21, baby!

w h o | d o | y o u | w a n n a
Kill: nobody, really
Slap: Fortunately Eddie doesn't go here any more, so I can't slap him... jeez that guy was a pain
Talk to offline: I just talked to Derek about why everyone hated Eddie

r a n d o m
In the morning I am: groggy and zombie-ish
All I need is: peace, love, and a hard... um... I mean, cheese
Love is: weird and complicated but nice when it works out
I dream about: really weird stuff

do | y o u | h a v e
Scars on your body? yeah, got a bunch of those
Piercings? nope

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