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happy friday the 13th! of course, for me it's like any other day, since i'm not that superstitious. my familiar is a black cat (belle!), and we adore each other. no bad luck there, except when she brings dismembered carcasses into the house at dinnertime. *sigh* i miss belle a lot... but i'll see her in a month when i go home for fall break. she'll be so happy to see me, and then she'll jump up on the kitchen table and we'll rub foreheads and then my dad will walk in and yell at her to get down but she'll just stare at him defiantly as if saying "you can't tell ME what to do, i have ade here to protect me!" wow, what a run-on. speaking of kitties, megan's cat died. poor coco... i think she should get a kitten. kittens are great. katie and i have been pestering our parents to get another, but whenever we think we have a lead, we never end up getting one. I WANNA KITTEN! MOMMY, BUY ME ONE!!!!! heck, i want a pet here, but we're only allowed to have fish, and you can't cuddle with fish. well, if you do, you'll end up with a dead fish and a smelly wet spot on your shirt, so i wouldn't recommend it. of course, i want an OCTOPUS but those are expensive and we're only allowed to have things classified as FISH (hmmm... maybe i could get a piranha...). ah well. no pets for me until i go home then.

i'm debating whether i should go to anime night tonight. i think they're showing cowboy bebop, but i saw an episode in anime club a couple years ago (so they go create all the cool clubs in high school the year i GRADUATE) and i didn't like it. but then, that was only one episode, and the rest of the series may be good... but then again one episode might reflect the series and i wouldn't like it. the art is awesome, and there's a decent storyline, i just didn't go for the theme, the characters, or the story. i like silly, fun comedy. like "dragon half," though they should have made more episodes!

eep. need to go to lunch now. me very hungry. bye!

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