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Weee, 4 hours of sleep! I really need to clean the rat cage. And today Sue didn't show up for figure drawing class, so despite the lack of teacher, half of us stayed and drew for an hour, and Matt the model got to direct class. So I decided to not use conte crayon (my favorite) for once, and I just went crazy with pencils and some old oilbars I had from like 5 years ago.

Anyway, the weekend was cool. Brandon and Jordan were visiting (yay!), and it was nice to see them again even though I barely saw them. Nick, Derek, and I went to see Donnie Darko at the Academy yesterday. I went goth yesterday (basically the same outfit as Delirium without the wings and a different shirt, plus black makeup). I looked sexy. It was scary.

From my sister's AIM profile:
halloween was awesome!me and juls were hookers!!
blupyglet: you guys dressed as hookers? and how is this different from normal?
^haha thanx ade(my wierd ass sister up at college)

Ah, my kid sister, dressing like a whore for Halloween. Nothing out of the ordinary. And when I think to myself, "Man, she's so young, why dress like a hooker?" I remind myself that I did the same thing for Halloween when I was 15 (at that point, I was only 6 months older than she is now), and I had a friend who had prostituted herself when I was even younger. I'm quickly becoming a crotchety old lady, even though I'm not even old. Or even middle-aged. I'm still pretty young. Still in school. But old at heart. Says the girl who buys toys and watches cartoons all the time.

And you know what I really really hate? Depression. For what it does to my friends. They're amazing, beautiful, wonderful people, yet this inner evil tears at them and makes them hate themselves or sit around doing nothing all day when they could be out being amazing. Grrrrr. And there's no real cure, so the majority of my friends have this chronic demon inside them that won't let them be happy for more than, say, 5 minutes at a time. Me stab!

On the other hand, Cyclor is risen, and I will have pictures up soon. Including pictures of rats and stuff!

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