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So I just got this email from Allegheny about The Student Conservation Association (SCA). Their website is I wonder how many people will forget to add "the" to the URL and end up at Just an amusing thought.

Last night I had this dream that I was apparently in a preview for a horror movie, running through some sort of tunnel toward the exit (yes, this really does sound Freudian, but I doubt I was dreaming about sex). There was a guy running behind me, and we were both apparently running from the same thing. I saw the monster for a moment, and it was this evil gorilla in a Goldilocks wig with sharp teeth. In the dream it was almost terrifying, but after I woke up, I realized how funny that was and ironic because gorillas are mostly harmless, and I love primates. Anyway, this was apparently taken several times, and sometimes I was running, sometimes on a skateboard or something and pushing myself along the tunnel walls (even weirder because I don't mix with skateboards well). Eventually the gorilla in the wig caught the other guy and apparently attacked him in a tunnel offshoot, so I got out of the tunnel. Then I was in some suburban neighborhood where apparently a lot of people had been brutally murdered. I was walking among a crowd of people nervously, wondering where that gorilla was, and then I saw a man pull his arm off. Apparently people would randomly start dry-heaving, and one of their limbs would tear off or something. It was kind of funny because this was how some would attack each other. I started dry-heaving and tried to project my arm so it would sever and hit some girl, but then I woke up at like 4:30 am. Really creepy. There was another dream where I was in Hawaii with my mom and sister, only I was apparently playing some version of Zelda and running around looking for items. I think I bought some sort of slushie from a vending machine and had to drag around a baby carriage. Then some guy was walking along a beach, singing, and I saw Derek's friend Willie sitting on the bow of a boat and I got excited. Some other stuff I don't remember happened, but then my alarm went off.

Yesterday was interesting. I got a lot of writing accomplished. In the afternoon, Erica came over to see the rats, and while we were sitting on the floor, I realized I have a lot of cool stuff in my room that I should probably put on shelves or something so I don't step on them or trip on the pile of laundry and break my neck. Later on, Nick and I went to Applebee's and decided never to go there again except maybe for the delicious-looking alcoholic beverages and desserts. Almost nothing vegetarian on the menu. Like most places in Meadville.

Well, today is the Day of Fri. I need to head to the bank and get cash so I can repay a couple recent debts (to the art store and to Nick) and possibly buy food.

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