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Hi everybody! I'm on Nick's computer! And I just had 3 margaritas at Los Compadres and am feeling rather wobbly and giggly. We took Thom's Los Compadres virginity and we ordered a pitcher of margaritas. Thom and I walked back from the car singing "Your Fault" and "The Last Midnight" from "Into the Woods." It was great. I feel like I need to take a nap, and I'm really giggly. I've never been more than tipsy before. It's weird. I feel all woozy walking and stuff. And I feel like singing. Badly. Weeeee!

Yeah, this is my obligatory drunken posting, so I can laugh at this tomorrow. After I recover from my hangover. I'm going to go scare people downstairs now. Ta ta, dearies.

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