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Well, as a lot of you can tell, last night was certainly interesting. After my drunken posting, I went downstairs to watch TV with people, and then John and Nick were being mean and kept asking me which rat I would want to live if they were going to kill one of my rats. I kept yelling "I stab you all!" and stuff. I ended up dozing off on the couch, and then I woke up and actually went to bed. I didn't have a hangover this morning, so I think 3 margaritas got me moderately drunk. I was just being silly and having a good time except when John and Nick were teasing me.

I sat down at a lab computer and moved the keyboard to find some porn hiding under it. Wow. That was amusing. And I just talked to Emily (who ran Tuesday group last year and is in Ireland now), which was nice. Ben, she said we have to take you to Los Compadres on your birthday (the 15th, not the 8th) and not let you leave until you've consumed at least 2 and 1/3 jugs of margaritas. It's your big 21, and it's our duty as your crazy friends.

And now, since I'm avoiding productivity,

I swiped this from the lovely D.

Okie doke, if you could be one comic book villain, who would you be and why?
I wanna be a Disney villain instead! Ursula from The Little Mermaid, because she has tentacles and is evil in a cool way.

If you could be a vampire, a werewolf, or an acrobat on a street corner which would you be and why?
I'm a were-Catholic/Lutheran, does that count?

Where did your soul originate?
One night, God was having a really weird dream about a cannibal panda ravaging the countryside and throwing pumpkins everywhere. Then God woke up and decided to make a person with his God-doh, only God had forgotten to pick up more of the God-doh at God-mart and didn't have much left. So thus, Ade came to be.

What was your best dream?
This flying one when I was in 6th grade, even though I got shot at the beginning of the dream. I was a princess of something standing on top of a castle, and there was a war and I accidentally got shot. I fell off the tower, but then I started flying over the countryside, higher and higher then lower, until I pushed off the ground with my hands. It was beautiful.

What was your worst nightmare?
I think it was one I had a couple years ago where I was at my neighbor's house, running from this vampire. I was trying to yell to my neighbor, but I was so terrified, I had no voice. I woke up, and I could barely breathe.

What’s your shoe size?
Heh. 2. I have little kid feet.

Who is the coolest cereal character?
Snap, Crackle, and Pop

Which musician would you like to go on trading spaces with?
Tori Amos, she'd do wonders to my room... I'd end up living in a fairy grove or something. I don't know what I'd do to her place though.

If you could be an elf, a pirate or an alligator which would you be?
I think we all know the answer to this one. Arrrrrrr!

Do you have a rubber duckie? When was the last time you brought it in the bath/shower?
I have a few, but I don't bring them in the shower.

What is your favorite toy right now?
My Game Boy Advance

If you had to wear a bathing suit/swim trunks made completely out of cheese or bacon which would it be?
Mmm, cheese...

You are an actor! If you could pick one person to be in a love scene with on the silver screen who would it be?
If this was the 80s, I'd be Sarah in Labyrinth but end up with Jareth, or whatshername in Legend but end up with Lord Darkness. But if it's modern times... I'd be that elf chick in LOTR and get it on with Aragorn. Ohhhhhyeah!


What is your name? What do you wish your name was?
Ade. Ade.

What color socks do you have on right now?

You wake up in the middle of an abandoned alley way dazed and confused, you look down at your arm to see a tattoo you don’t remember getting, what is it?
It probably says something like "Teh bAg uf c@rr0t n1njeh l3zby1nS iz gunN4 3eeet M3!!!!!?!111" in scraggly letters

A superhero asks you to be their sidekick, who would it be and would you accept the offer?
I am nobody's sidekick! Rarrrr!

Are you on the verge of spontaneous combustion?

What is the worst insult you can think of?
Well, I haven't figured out the Ultimate Insult yet, so I just call people Bitchface.

What is the best compliment?
I love you.

Eat your baby!
I eat YOUR baby!

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