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Quote of the day:
"Derek is like the Hyacinth of straight men."
- Nick

I did so much drawing yesterday, mostly of my housemates. I spent more time sketching them than doing my figure drawing assignment due today that I didn't start until last night. Ha! Feet are tricksy to draw. I have weird feet. But I like them a lot. So tiny and cute!

Withdrawn (I) 84.38% Outgoing (E) 15.63%
Imaginative (N) 67.57% Realistic (S) 32.43%
Emotional (F) 82.14% Intellectual (T) 17.86%
Improvised (P) 75% Organized (J) 25%
Your type is: INFP
You are an Idealist, possible professions include - information-graphics designer, college professor, researcher, legal mediator, social worker, holistic health practitioner, occupational therapist, diversity manager, human resource development specialist, employment development specialist, minister/priest/rabbi, missionary, psychologist, writer
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So many of my friends and favorite people are INFPs. Nick, Ben, Anne, Em, and many more. I guess this explains why a lot of us are writers...

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