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Apparently the picture I posted yesterday isn't loading for some people, even though it shows up fine in the lab. Well, if you haven't seen it, go here. Maybe the Allegheny server is weird. Well... we already knew that.

Yesterday, Jess and I went shopping for stuff to make Ben cookies. I got him a huge jar of pickles for his birthday because I'm silly, and Jess will hate me since he'll have pickle breath for a while. When we came back, we decided to just fill the pan with cookie dough and make a big cookie-brownie instead of individual cookies. Yum! Last night we blindfolded Ben (that was an adventure in itself) and took him to Los Compadres. It was fun squishing 6 people into Nick's car (Nick, me, Jess, Ben, John, and Rose). Ben was a good sport and got an alcoholic beverage, even though he doesn't drink. Well, it's a 21st birthday thing, if you don't buy or drink alcohol, it's no fun. Well, most alcohol tastes horrid so it might not be fun anyway. But that's why I like girly drinks! The fruitiness hides the nastiness. I barely tasted any alcohol in those 3 margaritas I drank the other night. Heh.

I fully intended to go to Chinese lab today, but I got distracted playing Zelda: Oracle of Seasons on my GBA, lost track of time, and looked at the clock when it was 8:59, I had lab in 1 minute, and I was still in my bathrobe. So I figured screw it, I'll stay home and take a break today (we don't have Forms of Poetry this week). I hadn't missed any classes all semester because I'm a good girl, so missing one lab won't hurt. She said she was giving us a vocab quiz since nobody knew what they were talking about yesterday, but missing that won't hurt since I'm getting an A in that class anyway (which is an astounding feat at Allegheny, even though that class is pretty easy, at least for me).

I hope Bakken and Nesset get back to me soon about the portfolio so I can do my comp proposal. That's due the 19th, but that day is the art field trip so I should turn it in the 18th. Weeee! And there's snow on the ground. Well, I have stuff to do today. Woohoo. Ta ta.

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