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roll your leg over, 'tis better that way

weeeeeeeee! yesterday i went to the renfest with the argo gang! it was the 2nd time i went this year, and it wasn't the same without laura, megan, and spam, but it was STILL amazingly fun. on the way there i rode with matt, anita, and jenn, and we got separated from the other van, got lost in pennsylvania, and had quite a time getting to the festival, but we eventually got there. so we saw shows and ate things and walked around and had fun. i came out of my shell a bit, yay me! i wanted to get some garb, but i figured i shouldn't since LAST time i spent a wad on those wings, and i have all the necessities for a gown at home (i got the pattern and fabric around 2 years ago, i just never made the thing or got my mom to do it). maybe that will be an incentive to make the thing over christmas break. NO garb for you until you make it! hah! anyway, so the fest was fun. on the way back, we DIDN'T get lost, and anita and jenn kept singing those "wicked wenches" songs, so i got them stuck in my head. matt was unconsciously speeding, so we got pulled over, but the cop was nice and just gave him a written warning. ah, the adventures in the "love bubble."

i talked to laura on the phone last night for a while, and today i woke up around noon. i had brunch with a lot of people, and people kept coming and going.

oh. i must get to fencing practice now so i can whip the newbies into shape (muhahahahahahaaaaa...). maybe i'll post later. bye!

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