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Weeeeehahahaaaa I'm not doing my comp proposal! Uh, I'll do that sometime tonight. Really. Because it's due Friday but I need to hand it in tomorrow since the field trip is Friday. And I need to submit stuff to Golem. I took some pictures of figure drawings I want to submit. There was an open model session tonight, but Matt didn't show up, so we drew other people (clothed). And Jenn makes a good model, and a very interesting one when she has her kung fu sticks. Hee. At one point I was doing some upper lip shading and accidentally gave her a Hitler mustache and started giggling (which kind of scared her). So that got erased. Oh, and I saw a beautiful yet sad thing today. I was walking home over the lawn outside McKinley's and the ground was all wet and covered with leaves, and there was a bird's leg and tail just lying there among the leaves. I almost missed it, but I turned back to stare at it for a moment. It was kind of creepy and cool at the same time. No blood, just part of a dismembered bird.

My hands are in pretty rough shape now. My mom will really get after me when I go home for break. Winter is coming up, so my skin is drier, but I'm taking 2 studio classes and the clay and drawing materials really wreak havoc on my skin. The backs of my hands are insanely dry, chapped, and rough, and they itch a lot and sometimes the skin cracks. It's weird, my hands are almost wrinkly now. I know most of you are thinking, "put lotion on them!" but I hate the feel of lotion. Seriously, I've always hated the feel of lotion, sunscreen, those hand sanitizers, and other creams you're supposed to put on your skin and not rinse off. Water feels fine, but I hate creams. So I never use lotion and avoid sunscreen unless I'm going to be outside for many hours and my friends/family get on my case about it. My neighbor Colin is the same way. But we both have some neurological issues, and apparently we both have some sort of sensory integration dysfunction. Colin's mom lent my mom a book about it, and I flipped through it. "Well," I thought while reading it, "That explains a lot of my random aversions to things." Yes, I have a lot of random aversions. I can't stand it when most people touch me, especially in certain red-light no-touchy-EVER areas like the neck (people like to touch it to watch my amusing spastic reaction, which now involves growling and biting hands) and insides of joints. And I have to wear a certain amount of clothing or I feel really awkward. I won't wear anything even remotely clingy (undies don't count, because I feel better wearing them), so everything has to be loose and too big for me. I have to keep my nails short, or they bother me. I'm a strange person. But we all knew that. So I'll deal with my rough hands (running them under cool water feels nice) and be proud of my issues. Huzzah!

Ok, Nick is probably wondering what the hell I'm up to since I told him I'd be home at 9. And I should do productive stuff. Like that comp proposal, which should really only take me an hour or so.

Fare thee well!

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