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Grrrrr. Not a good day so far, and it's barely past noon. My sister called, asking when I was coming home because she wanted a ride home from swim practice (Ha! Never!). Then she told me the family isn't coming because my cousin has an eye infection and strep throat. Weeee. But we're having Thanksgiving with the neighbors, which will be ok since they're cool. But I really see no point in going home now, and I really don't care about my sister's 15th birthday, even if it's important to her. She wants me to stay later on Sunday so I can meet her friends, but every time she introduces her friends to me, they just kind of stare at me and don't do anything, so there's no point in that either. I'll just leave Sunday morning so I can come back and get stuff done here. This sucks. Bah.

Oh, and every cake has its icing. I just got an email from Nesset, and he said I have to do a critical creative comp, examining some issue in fiction. I'm going to email him and ask if I could at least do something dealing with young adult fiction, but he'll probably say no because he has his head on backwards and thinks young characters aren't complex enough (this leads me to believe he was never a complex kid and hasn't even read any young adult fiction, or he might think otherwise). But it's worth a shot. Otherwise... I see no point in this comp. It won't be any fun, and it will be a big waste if I hate what I'm doing all along. Sure I need it to graduate, but I'm not going to learn anything if I go into this feeling angry, bitter, and hateful. Stupid comp. Die.

Yeah. I'm pissed off. I'm going to go to the ceramics studio and stab something squishy that doesn't move for a while, then go home and pack and see if Nick is awake so we can maybe hang out before I leave instead of like last night, when he said he wanted to do something and then just ignored me in favor of his stupid computer until I got fed up with it and went to bed. But at least we went to Los Compadres last night. Weee.

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