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Ah, my last night at home. I packed up and drove down Wednesday, bringing my babies with me. They freaked my sister out at first, and when they were running around my bed, she was squealing, "They're gonna eat me! They're gonna eat me!" It was amusing. On Thursday, we had Thanksgiving dinner with our neighbors. At the table, Nancy was saying we should all say something we're thankful for. Then my mom said we should avoid certain topics like politics, and someone commented that sex, drugs, and rock and roll were ok. So I proudly stated, "I'm thankful for sex, drugs, and rock and roll!" Hee. And the other kids just stared at me when I turned to Colin and asked for his drumstick bone when he was finished with it, because the thing was just so cool-looking. I blame figure drawing for resparking my interest in bones.

Then on Friday, I went shopping with Sarah, her boyfriend Atilla, and Megan. We went to the mall for a bit (Black Friday craaaaziness!), then Chuck E Cheese (yay!), the Olive Garden, and Border's. They have this awesome new mall store with a huge dinosaur skeleton inside and tons of reasonably-priced cool things like fossils, rocks, and international crafts and goodies. Totally awesome. And then we spent several hours playing Karaoke Revolution at Sarah's house. It was a fun game, and I did surprisingly well, since I can't sing. And Megan is a cruel, cruel person. I was being a mischievous little weirdo and singing made-up lyrics in the background while she was doing "When a Man Loves a Woman," causing her to laugh and screw up, so while I was going potty, she chose my next song for me. A word of caution: Don't tell your evil friends how much you hate a certain musical. So I had to suffer through "You're the One that I Want," which I altered by singing about how much I hate Grease. And Megan and I make sucky duet partners. Although watching a pirate and granny sing "I Got You Babe" was interesting.

Today I went to the mall again with my mom and sis, and then we checked out the new Barnes and Noble. I had been in there about a minute when by some freakishly cool coincidence, I saw Gen. And squealed on the inside. I hadn't seen her since Confluence last year, so it was awesome to see her again. Yay! Gen is amazing and cool and one of those people I find very intriguing and wish I could hang out with more. So that made me happy. And then my family went to El Campesino for dinner to celebrate my sis's 15th birthday, and then we came back here for cake. And I saw Muppet Treasure Island for the first time! Awesome movie. Tim Curry = <3.

Well, that's that for now. Tomorrow, I shall pack up again and head back to school. Before my sister's party. Break was fun for the most part. But it's almost time to head back to the craziness of school. Weeee! And Dude is BIG now. He went and became a cat. *sigh*

Oh! But I think I have a plan for the comp thing that the professors will hopefully approve of. I could explore the complexity of the teenage years in character development, but I'd use mostly literary fiction (not young adult, though I'd throw in a few favorites too) to appease the professors. I think if I phrase it the right way in my new comp proposal and give some particularly strong examples, they should approve it. I hope.

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