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wooo! i just made a friend! i was at fencing practice, in one of the raquetball courts, attempting to teach 2 new girls how to parry. prof. nonnenmacher came in and helped, and then this other girl came in and asked about fencing. her name is amanda, and she's a freshman. prof. nonnenmacher told me to help her find a glove and foil and then teach her some of the basics. so we went into the equipment room, and since she's left-handed (she's ambidextrous, but she uses her left hand most of the time), i had a hard time finding her a glove. most of the equipment there is older than i am, and it's all scungy and worn. but then i realized i had a few extra gloves in my bag, including a left-handed glove (from a set given to me), and i let her borrow the left-handed one. so i taught her the basics like how to hold a foil, advances, retreats, and lunges, and basic finger exercises. i hope i didn't confuse her too much. we talked a bit, and after fencing practice as i left the building, it was sprinkling a little outside. 5 seconds after i left, it turned into a downpour. i got near the campus center and amanda was running behind me, laughing. she found the situation quite amusing. we went through the campus center and decided to just run for it instead of waiting for the storm to ease. we live in the same building complex, which isn't TOO far away, so we were running through the storm, laughing. it was seriously pouring, and i was splashing through ankle-deep puddles and streams gushing over the stairs. i returned to my room completely soaked yet smiling. the Goddess really has a sense of humor. coming back from fencing really sweaty, are you? you need a SHOWER! here! *whoosh*

ah, life. i really need to do homework today. maybe i'll hold off on squirting hot tea on my painting until it dries off outside. i think i'll hang up my new little dream catcher and then work on my film paper or study for the english quiz tomorrow. byeeeeee!

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