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Humph. I am a peacemaker. I will do just about anything to avoid conflict of any kind, which is why I can be annoyingly passive. But I avoid getting into an argument, and I get hassled for it. Some of you know about that big dishes argument last night. I left the room when I felt the tension, and I avoided the scene by going to my room, outside, or hiding under the kitchen table. I think people are blowing the dishes issue way out of proportion, and things would be hunky-dory if everyone just did their dishes within 24 hours of using them (preferably immediately, but that's not always going to happen) and completely cleaned the dishes too. But no, people feel the need to keep arguing about it. I'm not getting involved. I refused to pay attention to the argument, because I'm not taking sides, and I can't stand conflict. It seriously disturbs me, and I feel like a 3-year-old hiding in her room, trying to block out her parents fighting loudly in the hallway. But then Nick was getting after me for abandoning him. Well, I didn't want to abandon him, but I wasn't going to get involved in the argument or be there when people were fighting. Really, I don't care. I wish everyone would just shut up about it and everyone could get along. But no, there has to be conflict. Grrr. Our house is in a constant state of drama, and I hate it.

I also hate not being able to go to bed at a reasonable hour on school nights. But I suppose it would be selfish of me to want to sleep when I should be listening. Nevermind that I've been cranky and exhausted lately, I am the rock. Do you smell what I'm cookin'? Ok, bad joke. And I've been eating alone more often. It's like freshman year again, I'll be at Brooks (I've been eating there just to use up meals) and see some friends, but I won't go sit with them even if I want to. Ok, and part of sophomore year too, since it took a while for me to come out of my shell.

Um... schoolwork. Yes. Gotta get that crap out of the way. Oh, and Megan is awesome. But we already knew that. *grins*

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