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What fun it is to ride and sing a slaying song tonight

The party last night was ok. Nick and I did most of the preparations an hour before the party, and it was mostly Tuesday groupers that showed up. Also, alcoholic eggnog is kinda gross, but the virgin kind is decent. I fell asleep on the couch while people were playing Naruto 3 (Anko's special attack amuses me with its almost-porn-ness), and then Nick woke me up at buttfuck in the morning to go to bed. I insisted on sleeping in my clothes because they were warm and comfy, and I was too sleepy to change into pjs.

I had some more interesting dreams. None about Deltron's "banana," thankfully, though there was one where I temporarily switched bodies with a male friend who was really really hung. The scary part is, this friend is only 13 or 14. It wasn't sexual or anything (the only thing I did in his body was go to the bathroom and marvel at his 2-foot thingy). But it weirded me out. Why all these dreams about enormous phalluses? It's creepy. But I had some G-rated dreams too. Like being in a high school English class with a bunch of Alphans. I know Em and Julie were in my class, and Leen might have been there too, maybe with others. It got me thinking that it would be amazing to have an English class full of Alphans. In another dream, apparently I invented a world-famous holiday celebrating the moon. People were doing all this artwork (a lot with animals). My high school art teachers were there, and I was apparently going to collaborate with one on these two paintings, one with the sun and one with the moon. The thing is, I kinda suck at painting (I love drawing though... I prefer media I can erase). Ah, dreams. Crazy things.

I have some dried super glue on my fingers. It feels funny. But it's fun to scrape off.

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