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Fire alarms in Brooks make me glad I don't live there any more. No shrieking alarms waking me up at buttfuck in the morning and forcing me outside in the freezing cold because some ditz can't make popcorn. The only time I've heard the fire alarm go off in the writers' house was during the infamous crab rangoons incident. And that was my fault. Because, uh... I'm a ditz. No better than those popcorn-burners. Anyway, it was fun after dinner. I was frolicking in the snow with a bunch of the nifty freshmeats I'm friendlyish with. And then Kitchen came along and ruined my snow lemon. Grrrr. It was majestic too. So I flung some snowballs and 3rd grade insults at him. I eventually left when I could no longer feel 2/3 of my body parts and figured I should start that big final paper for poetry that's due tomorrow. Yes... should start that... now...

Or not. Weeeee! I decided to stay until Thursday. it will give me time to hang out with people and maybe clean my room. Maybe. And play Jardinains, because it's a new addiction (Ben, I'm not sure whether to hug you for introducing me to it or bite you for getting me addicted during finals... I'd say both, but that's Jess's job...). Hey, 9 pm. I have 12 hours to get this paper written and turn it in. Phew. I'll... get to that. Sometime.

Last night I dreamed that I was playing this game only it was also real and I ended up attacking a werewolf-ish creature before I was strong enough (this was sort of like an RPG) and tried to get away, assuming it would follow me for a while and then go back to where it was so I could fight it later and maybe get it to join my party. But then it was this giant that kind of looked like the troll in the first Harry Potter movie. And this boy and girl were running from it, and it kept following them. They went into this abandoned house, up a few flights of stairs. And the giant was looking into the windows, then started trying to knock the house down. They panicked and somehow got out the back door and into the lake, while the giant kept attacking the house. It lasted for a while, and I wondered how many hit points the house had. I know somewhere in that dream, Megan was staying in this house nearby (the dream must have taken place in Vermont), and I was talking to her on the phone. She was trying to cook something that might have involved chocolate, and then I went over and walked into the house where she was staying while I was still on the phone with her. Yep, silly dreams. The dream made me want to play Age of Mythology.

Ummm... paper. Should do that. (everyone screams "WRITE YOUR PAPER!!!!")

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