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Whew. I'm actually doing stuff today. I dug my car out of over a foot of snow to go to Bilo. Thank you, physical plant, for only plowing the main part of the parking lot and leaving piles of snow behind my car for me to kick out of the way and then try to drive over. I made noodle kugel (from the recipe in Leslie What's book "The Sweet and Sour Tongue"), and it would have been delicious if it wasn't burnt. Oh well. I also put all my art stuff except my ceramics projects (I wonder if Dave will actually fire them or if they'll just stay on the cart all break) in my car. Now, to write the paper that was due yesterday (if I send it to Bakken's box, he won't know when I turned it in since he won't check that until he returns from Greece!) and do some cleaning/packing.

I'm really going to miss Evil Thom. Stupid graduating. Sure, he was here for an extra semester, but he's one of my favorite people, and the house will be less interesting without him. Today I was wondering about the future and thinking about how my mom only sees her college friends every few years or so. There's this picture of her with two of her roommates, baby Ade, and her roommates' baby boys. Mike, Jon, and I were all born within the same year, around 10 years after our moms graduated college. I used to see them more often when I was younger, but I haven't seen Mike and his brothers in about 7 1/2 years or Jon since I was... 7, I think. I saw his mom and younger sister (who's my sister's age) a couple years ago though, and his sister is pretty cool. Anyway, this wasn't the tangent I started on. I was thinking about how most of us won't see each other very often after college. Maybe for a few years we'll have occasional get-togethers, but then once we get stable jobs and start settling down (ass odd as that thought may seem), we'll see each other less and less, and we'll change. Yeah, it sucks, but that's life. So then I started wondering what would happen if we had a writers' house reunion in, say, 10 years. Here's how I think it would go:

Ade is still short (of course) and still wears loose, comfy clothes. Her young adult novels (especially the fantasy ones) are growing in popularity, and literary critics compare her to Tamora Pierce, Francesca Lia Block, and JK Rowling. Whenever she publishes a new book, she always sends autographed copies to Nesset and the Bakkens, who are all still teaching, just to remind them that she's more famous than they ever will be. To make matters more interesting, Sophia Bakken, now a young teen, is a big fan of her books. After several years, Ade finally gave in and married Nick. After several more years, she finally gave in and agreed to have a kid. Their daughter looks like Nick but is really short like Ade. Ade is building up her cat collection quite nicely.

Ade refused to let Nick fulfill his dream of becoming a heroin junkie on the street, so he became a children's librarian. They all love him because he looks like a big stuffed animal since he hasn't had a haircut or shave in over a decade. He still dresses like a big hippie and reads literary criticism for fun, though he got bored of reading Ade's raving reviews.

Evil Thom dresses in a three piece suit, monacle, and top hat, and he carries a sword cane and has a handlebar moustache. After several marriages to famous wealthy old ladies that all died under mysterious circumstances (including Condoleeza Rice), he became fabulously wealthy and decided to retire and pursue his writing goal of topping the bestseller list (he's at #2, and you can guess who is still at the top). He also starred in last year's smash hit movie about the life of Tim Curry.

Ben is also on the bestseller list, because this is my arrogant fantasy and all my writer friends are on that list. He married a woman who's as weird and geeky as he is, and they have a son named Judas Velcro (of course). Ben is also building a cat collection, as a certain cat lady friend of his keeps giving him kittens for his birthday and Christmas, and he can't say no. He's also the vice presidential candidate/campaign manager for the 2016 election, since Cyclor is going to keep running for president until people elect him.

Derek became a bum after college, playing the violin on the streets for booze money. Then he met the fabulously wealthy, flaming owner of a gay bar at Cherry Grove who thought Derek was too cute to be straight. Don't get your panties in a tangle, Derek, I'm not going to pair you up with him. The gay bar owner gave Derek a job as a bartender. Guess who frequents the bar to hang out with all the flamers and order girly drinks! That's right, Jess! Yeah, and Ade too.

Deltron is rich, because he's Jewish. And because he ended up marrying a really cute redhead with lots of dough. And because he works hard. Somewhere. Shut up, I'm drawing a blank here. Honestly, I have no idea what Deltron will be up to in 10 years.

And finally, John and Rose got married after college, then divorced, then remarried, and kept repeating that cycle. Oddly enough, after their first marriage, their appearances slowly changed. John gained several hundred pounds, and Rose slimmed down so much, she resembled a Holocaust victim and became a model. Nevermind, that joke was horrible and not funny. John... also works... somewhere...

Well now. That imagining session was fun. My, I certainly have high hopes for myself. *giggles*

Anyway, I should be off. Time to do something productive.

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