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Heh. My boys are cute. I'm home now, and the rat cage is behind the computer. They have this little wooden house thingy with holes in it, and Dr. Faustus is sitting on it. Dante will poke his head out the top hole, and Dr. Faustus will push him down and then stick his head in the hole for a moment. They've been doing this for a couple minutes, it's funny.

I went to see that Series of Unfortunate Events movie last night with my sis and her friends. The costumes and scenery were awesome. I want Violet's dress! The kids were pretty good. But Jim Carrey as the villain? Come on! He's not even remotely scary or evil-looking! He was too goofy to be evil. They could have picked someone better. I need to read the books. Luckily, my sis is a big fan and has most if not all of the currently published books (she just got #11), so I can borrow them.

Since we're heading to Hawaii soon, we opened presents a few days early. My mom got me this awesome wooden walking stick with an elephant head carved at the top. It's taller than me and magnificent-looking. I also got some other cool stuff. A couple of the gifts made me laugh though. My aunt's family got me some new sheets. They're dark green. I have 2 or 3 sets of dark green sheets already, but that's ok. And my dad got me the exact same book he got me last year, the third in a Tamora Pierce series I haven't read yet. Well, it's the good intentions that count, I guess. And my dad got this gift card from his brother, but it was stuck to this other bag, so he thought it was for him. Inside was a rather femininish fluffy scarf. It turned out to be for my sister (I got a similar one, even though I never wear scarves), but we thought that was pretty funny. He also got this periwinkle sweater and decided that it was for me instead, even though I protested and won't wear something that color. Meh, he should have kept the girly stuff.

It's nice being on the internet on my own computer again. I finally got it working at home, and hopefully once I go back to school, I can get it working there, since I fixed/reinstalled both the wireless and wired ethernet cards and then dealt with this annoying recurring error message about my IP address conflicting with the hardware address. Ha, and I did it all without my dad's help. Though he did help by setting the router to accept my PC.

I just reread the above paragraph. I sound like such a quasi-geek. I say quasi, because I was going on about computer stuff half of you probably don't understand, but I wasn't using the really technical terms. After all, I'm an English nerd. My dad is the computer nerd of the family.

Right. I should go to bed or something. Or just enjoy downloading Naruto so I can catch up and see the latest 20 episodes. And I should have bought a snow shovel with a slightly shorter handle so it will fit nicely in my trunk without kerjiggling things.

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