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WHY am I not writing my paper? It's just a 3-4 page response to "City Lights" (an awesome Charlie Chaplin slapstick silent film), and I pretty much know what I'm going to say. Suuuuuure, so I can post on lj 37295698237 times a day, but I can't write a damn paper until an hour before it's due (I have until 3 pm tomorrow, but knowing me, I'll probably write 1-2 pages tonight and then pick up again at 2 pm tomorrow...). Oh well.

Today was interesting. I did my laundry, read some of the stories in "Chicks and Chained Males" (you should all read the "Chicks in Chain Mail" books, they're hilarious!), went to an ARGO meeting, had dinner, then went to this psychology research study thing for extra credit in psych. I'm pretty much finished with the paintings due tomorrow (maybe I'll tape more random stuff on...), and all I really need to do is write this damn paper and then I can go to bed.

What's on the agenda for tomorrow?
-waking up to the bells at 8 (sure, they're kinda annoying, being outside my window, but I don't need an alarm clock any more unless I need to get up before 8)
-art class 10-12, turning in my paintings, and seeing what the next weird assignment is (we better do some drawing because I LOVE drawing and we have the supplies for it...)
-watching "Citizen Kane" in film class, 3-5, and turning in my paper
-fencing @ 7 (more training newbies!)
-Tuesday group @ 9, funfunfun writing and being silly!

and then after that, I can read "Dr. Faustus" or work on MORE homework... or just stay up all night playing neoquest. Eh.

Must... write... fucking... paper...

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