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Awww. Dr. Faustus is grooming Dante. He seems to be nibbling the back of Dante's head (like he's eating his brains, only in a nice sort of way... wait, that sounded absurd...). Dante is just sitting there with his eyes closed, looking peaceful. So cute.

Anyway! Hey, this is my first post of the new year. I went to my neighbor's new year party last night. I walked in around 11:40 pm or so after a nap. As I walked to the basement, where the adults were hanging out by the bar, I heard "It's Raining Men" and was happy. The adults seemed to be having fun, and the kids were elsewhere (some at my house hanging with my sister). We all went outside to ring in the new year, and the kids lit a bonfire in the middle of the road. They kept feeding it newspaper and stuff, and today I looked out the window to see my neighbor picking up newspaper from all over the road and across neighboring lawns. When we went back to the basement, the adults started dancing (to Madonna and Swedish pop, among other things, so at least the music was good even though the dancing kind of sucked). They tried to get me to join in, but I was still in my post-nap mood (quiet and zombieish, the way I usually am for an hour after waking up). I don't usually dance anyway. I hung out with Elli (my 8-year-old Swedish neighbor who I consider an honorary kid sister), and my neighbor made me a delicious drink of orange juice and banana liqueur. They have an awesome corkscrew. It's a little statue of a naked boy, with a big ol' corkscrew. I immediately thought of Keg-O-Matic saying, "I've got a corkscrew... in my pants!" and was highly amused, even though my dad pretended to be horrified that I was holding such a vile object and told me to go wash my hands. Hee hee hee.

It's nice being on vacation with almost no obligations, other than parentally-assigned chores and things that I should be doing (like unpacking or cleaning the rat cage) that I'm putting off, as usual. I've been downloading anime and music. I'll also catch up on reading and knitting, and I should probably contact some of my home/Pittsburgh area friends and see if we can hang out. Anyone in the area up for stuff? I called Nick tonight and we talked for a while, and we'll probably get together sometime in the next week. I mean, we see each other all the time at school (you know, the living in the same house plus dating thing...), but sometimes we get together outside of school since we live about 45 minutes apart. We might go to El Campesino, a restaurant in Monroeville that's like Los Compadres, but it's a little better and the food doesn't make my stomach feel weird afterwards. One thing I like about being home is the better restaurants. Most of the Meadville restaurants suck (I like Los Compadres and Julian's and Pizza from Mars, but that's about it). And so do a lot of the Murrysville ones, come to think of it. But Monroeville (gah, all these M-villes!) and Pittsburgh do have some good restaurants, expecially ethnic ones. You get a much better selection there. I like India Garden, China Palace, Lulu's Noodles, and El Campesino. Oh boy. I better stop thinking about food, since it's buttfuck in the morning and I should probably go to bed soon. Or at least get off the computer so I can fall asleep.

I've been doing some reading. I read "The Golden Compass" by Phillip Pullman (a present from Nick), which was excellent, and I started reading "Echo" by Francesca Lia Block. That one is written really well and interesting, but I don't really like the main character so far. All the other characters are wonderful and intriguing, but Echo is just... not the type of person I can relate to. Is it shallow of me to immediately think less of someone when I find out that they smoke? I mean, I don't automatically dislike them or anything, and I have a few friends who smoke, I just think it's one of the biggest general turn-offs to a person. I'm talking about cigarettes here, occasional pot use is acceptable (but only if it's occasional, not habitual... that's also a turn-off). It's just something I've always found really gross and stupid and not even remotely sexy. If you want to look sexy with smoke coming out of you, you better be breathing fire or something.

Anyway, we watched Edward Scissorhands (a present from my mom) tonight. I love that movie. So beautiful, yet so sad.

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