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I went to the strip district with my mom yesterday. We had lunch, and when we walked out of the restaurant, I saw Megan, of all people, and one of her roommates. What are the odds of that? She asked if I was stalking her, and I said yes (despite the pure coincidence). We only saw each other for like 10 minutes, but then I went to the big asian grocery store and stocked up on yummies. My mom and I would have stayed in the area longer, but Annie the Goddess of Bad Weather was paying a visit.

Speaking of stalkers, thanks for the card, Erica! Yes folks, the stalker book can even be used for good as well as evil. Hmmm, if there's such thing as an evil laugh, is there a good laugh too? What does it sound like? An evil laugh could be something like "muhahahahahahaaaaa" or a screechy cackle, so is a good laugh something like "ha ha ha" sung in an angelic voice? I'd better not think too hard about this one. I'll give myself a headache.

Ok. Off to bed with me. I just watched the Naruto episode where Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke keep conspiring to see under Kakashi's mask. I'm still giggling.

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